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Hi, I’m Damith Sameera, founder of Studiolinie!

Here as Studiolinie Author, my job is to provide our audience with the latest cool & new Gadgets and Tech news available in the market in under one online store!

Hope You like our curated gadget collections and if so then please share our website on social media sites so that we can reach out to your friends also!

About Studio Linie

Studiolinie is an online intermediary gadget & Gizmodo website based in Sri Lanka whose aim is to study market trends and evaluate users’ reviews to finally gather the best gadgets in the market, the latest tech news in Sri Lanka, and discount shopping coupons into one compact online place, which you can check out at Studiolinie.Eu

The website was initiated by associates, Tech enthusiastic people like me. Currently, the website is being updated by a group of experienced tech writers and website designers, under the instruction of the above-mentioned founder of this website…

PURPOSE of Studiolinie

We aim to help people [interested in the latest tech gadgets and gizmos, spy gadgets, gadgets for men, and smart kitchen appliances online in Sri Lanka], in finding the most unique and cool gadgets in the market, accompanied by solid and actual product reviews, the latest technology in gadgets, which all come from high authority websites.

The websites we promote those products from are the high authority and well-established online stores, like Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, and others.


Our next mission is to provide unbiased & in-depth product reviews so that our esteemed readers can buy products with confidence.

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So, do check our website for the latest news and information about the best gadgets available in Sri Lanka. Once you view our content, you will be more satisfied with your choices than ever.

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