DJI Mini 2 Review: 13 New Things To Know!

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DJI’s second-generation entry-level drone, the Mini 2 ($ 449.99), is being reprinted, ditching the company’s renowned Marvik Moniker series of flexible quad-copters. It’s a bit more than the first-gen Maverick Mini, but it packs an updated camera, a more powerful motor, and a stronger remote control connection. It doesn’t have some of the more advanced features of the $ 800 Mavic Air 2, but it’s a good option if you want to spend less and avoid having to deal with the FAA – win our Editor’s Choice Award.

DJI’s smallest, lightest, and most flexible drone

The Mini 2 matches the exterior design of the original Mavic Mini. The two models use the same airframe and weigh 249 grams (8.78 ounces), bypassing the FAA’s federal registration requirement. (If you intend to use Mini 2 for-profit 2, you will still need a business license.)

The drone can slip into your jacket pocket when folded, but you will need to carry it in a small bag. The included remote is a bit bigger this time, but with more advanced wireless communication technology and a stronger antenna. The Mini 2 is definitely rock solid when the first-gen aircraft struggles to maintain a remote connection.

Battery life is also improved. The Mini 2’s motors are more powerful and exhilarating, increasing the nominal battery life from 30 to 31 minutes. It’s a humble hit and you’re embarrassed by the 34-minute rating. The expensive DJ Mavic Air 2 drone is the best class of drones when it comes to flight time.

Flight times in real life vary slightly and are a few minutes shorter, approximately 27 minutes from actual flight time. The DJI Fly control app alerts you when the battery is low, so you can safely bring the drone home and land it. The app and the need for a smartphone to activate it – DJI Fly is available for current Android and iOS phones. I tested the Mini 2 with the iPhone 8 Plus and iOS 14.

You have to find a certain level of terrain for flights and landings. The low-profile design means that even well-groomed blades of grass will prevent the mini 2’s propeller from spinning. If you’re new to the world of drones, read our guide on pilot basics.

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Mini 2 ships with a single battery. Replacement parts are $ 45 and there’s a Flymore pack, which costs $ 599. For the extra $ 150, you get two extra batteries (for a total of three), a multi-battery charger to recharge all three in sequence, a carrying case laptop, and some other items.

You can charge the drone’s battery through the aircraft’s USB-C port. It is located on the back of the micro SDX memory card. The Mini 2 doesn’t include internal storage, so don’t forget to buy a memory card with at least a 16GB card for 1080p and I recommend 32GB or 64GB if you plan to shoot 4K video.

Safety features of DJI Mini 2

The drone includes transmitters for GPS and GLONASS positioning systems, tools that help determine your location on a map and enhance your ability to navigate correctly. The flight controller app, DJI Fly, includes a Find My Drone feature that shows the aircraft’s last known location, and if the Mini 2 is still active, the lights will turn on. It’s a feature that you think you don’t need to use, but it’s there if you need it.

The GPS system can also perform automatic and semi-automatic flights. The Mini 2 has a series of automatic rapid shots: round, Cosworth, or automatic flight paths that move forward and backward.

DJI does not include subject tracking known as ActiveTrack. DJI cites the lack of barrier detection sensors as the reason and it makes sense – there’s no way to tell if a Mini 2 object is in your way, so you don’t need to fly it up into a tree. If you want a chase drone, Marvik Air 2 and Skydio 2 are better options.

DJI drones also include a ground defense system called FlySafe. Major sporting events, fires, national parks, and Washington D.C. Before buying a drone, check the map and make sure it can be used in your neighborhood.

The geophysics can also be configured to keep the drone within a certain radius, and I highly recommend that pilots take advantage of it for the first time. Visual range depends on conditions, but beginners are advised to take advantage of this feature.

4K camera with RAW images

The Mini 2’s camera adjusts to the fixed aperture and resolution from the Mavic Mini’s point of view. Video has been upgraded from 2.7K to 4K. The extra pixels help, so you can watch the highest quality video on your 4K UHD TV. A 2 digital zoom function is included. It’s not a loss when recording at 2.7K or 1080p, but it will come down to video quality if you use it for 4K.

I criticized the first-gen Mini not for its 2.7K resolution, but for the lack of HDR video and color profile options. Parrot Anafi and DJI. Although it is included in the Mavic Air 2, HDR is not a central component.

If you want to give your video a different look, you need to edit it with DJI Fly or an editing application of your choice. The app automatically caches HD video for editing and can automatically download 4K footage to your phone after landing if you want. We still like to include basic color profiles in the DJI app.

The camera is mounted on three gimbals on the front axle. It’s perfectly stable during normal flight, and you can switch to a high-speed sport mode or a low-speed cinematic option for a more attractive motion feel or a more beautiful, slow-moving net shot. The Mini 2 really does glide through the air in the game, but you have to be very careful around obstacles as it doesn’t stop for a penny when you’re going fast.

12MP quality still images are saved in the JPG or raw format of your choice. The Mini 2 takes the JPG out of the box and captures beautiful photos with well-detailed photos and slightly skewed colors.

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