How do I stop Facebook from tracking my Internet activity?

Can Facebook monitor your offline activity?

A Facebook tracker to monitor your online behaviour on and off the platform to personalise your experience and send you targeted ads. Fortunately, social media also provides you with tools to review and modify your privacy settings. The Off-Facebook Activity Tool tells you what Facebook knows about your online activities when you leave the site. The Privacy Test tool allows you to determine how much or little information you disclose. Here’s how to use both functions.

What are activities outside of Facebook?

Facebook has access to your activities not only when you use the social network, but also when you visit certain third-party websites. To help you manage that information, the Off-Facebook Activity Tool allows you to review and delete data collected about you when you use other websites. You can completely stop saving Facebook activities with your account and download data for offline analysis.

Non-Facebook activities include any information that websites, applications, and organizations share with you about your actions with Facebook. This can be as simple as accessing a specific website or app, or a more related task, such as finding an item or purchasing a product. Facebook uses this information to serve you targeted advertisements.

By understanding your activities and choices on supported websites, Facebook can show you coupons and promotions that may be helpful to you. For example, you can buy a pair of shoes at an online clothing store. That store will share your activities and purchases with Facebook and save them to your account. Facebook offers you a coupon ad with a 10% discount on your next purchase from that store.

Manage activities outside of Facebook

If you’re having trouble with these types of tracking, especially when you’re not on Facebook, you can use the Off-Facebook Activity Tool to manage this information. Access this feature by clicking the down arrow in the upper right corner and selecting Settings. Select your Facebook information and click the option for activities outside of Facebook.

Facebook shows the names of the sites where you share your activities and tells you how to access that information. Find out more about your general activity on Facebook by clicking the “More information” link above.

To view your non-Facebook activities, click the icon for any listed website and enter your password. You will then see all the websites that have provided information about their activities on Facebook. Click to view specific information about a website.

The top line is “How did Facebook get this functionality?” The first drop-down menu will tell you how the website sent data to Facebook, such as using Facebook’s business tools. The second drop-down menu lists examples of interactions with other sites, such as opening an app, visiting a website, searching for an item, or purchasing an item.

If you want the website to contain inappropriate content or misuse your information, scroll down to the Activity Details screen and click Comments on this activity link. Select a reason for the comments and click Submit. If you no longer want to share this site with your Facebook activities, click Turn off future activities.

A confirmation message will explain what happens if you disable this feature. If you want to continue, click the Deactivate button. A message will tell you that future activity has been disabled on this site, but note that your past activity is not disabled.

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