Is HP Spectre x360 worth it?

How much is the HP Spectre x360?

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The HP Specter x360 raises the bar even higher. Combining style and portability with jaw-dropping performance, last year’s HP Specter x360 might just be one of the best laptops we’ve come across. But in 2021, with Intel Evo certification, it will be better than ever.

This year’s HP Specter x360 brings an even bigger hit with Intel’s 11th overall CPU inclusion. It is also designed to meet Intel’s specific requirements for Evo certification to take the next “evolutionary” leap in notebook design. You end up with swells, light and very portable. Specter is a beautiful, premium laptop. Due to the impressive interiors included in the HP Specter x360, it is not only a very stylish machine but also a powerful machine. Plus, it’ll be a nice follow-up to last year’s model. Windows 10 starts up fast, it’s fast and responsive, and you can play a few standalone games as long as you don’t need to set the graphics low.

Most attractive of all is the battery life. The HP Specter x360 (2021) manages almost 13 hours of PCMark 10 battery life tests. In our own experience, we did it happily through a full working day using a laptop. If you thought Windows 10 laptops couldn’t compete with MacBooks or Chromebooks for battery life, the HP Specter x360 (2021) does a good job of proving you wrong. Our only complaint is that when used as a tablet-like device (thanks to its 360-degree suggestion), the HP Specter x360 (2021) moves from a slim, sexy laptop to a slightly larger tablet. and more discreet. It’s nice to have the option, but if you’re looking for a device to use more often as a tablet than as a laptop, we recommend a device like the Surface Pro 7 or iPad, which are thinner and lighter tablets. Can be used with keyboards.

The other thing is, the fans get a little loud when you’re using the laptop, and sometimes even when you’re not. Even when the HP Specter x360 (2021) was turned off, we heard fans kicking it multiple times. One aspect of the design of the HP Specter x360 (2021) is that it doesn’t feel completely premium. Those issues aside, this is one of the best laptops for everyday use including work. However, with a starting price of $ 1,349 / £ 1,199 / AU $ 3,339 (there are different starter configurations in different markets), it’s pricey. If you have the budget for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Price and usability

The HP Specter x360 (2021) is available in a variety of configurations and prices. Pricing the US Starting at $ 1,149.99, it comes with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD. In the UK, the base model is priced at $ 1,199.99 and comes with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. Then there is the version with Intel Core i7 -1165G7 processor, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD, which is the version of the review here. It is priced at $ 1,349.99 / 1,399.99.

There is a model with the same CPU and RAM, but with a 1TB SSD and a 4K OLED screen for $ 1,699.99. Additionally, the HP Specter x360 (2021) comes in a variety of screen sizes: 13-inch (the version we’re testing), 15-inch, and 13.5-inch (it has a 16:10 aspect ratio).

In Australia, you can get the 13-inch model with the Intel Core i7-1165G7, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD for AU $ 3,399. It’s also available with a Core i7, 16GB RAM, 4K OLED display, and a 2TB SSD for AU $ 4,599. As the UK and US models, there are several configurations, including models with 14 and 15-inch screen sizes. So, as you can see, there are plenty of options on the market for the new HP Specter x360, but we are reluctant to say that there is a model for every budget. Even the entry-level models cost more than most other laptops. This is a serious premium laptop, which means you have to work hard to justify its high price.

Design of HP Spectre x360

At a premium price, you can expect a superior design and HP will definitely deliver it to you with the HP Specter x360 (2021). In fact, we never doubt it. The pleasure of reviewing the older model is one of the most beautiful laptops we have. So it’s not surprising that the new model is another beautiful laptop from HP. By design, the HP Specter x360 (2021) is basically the same as the previous model, which is not a bad thing, considering how impressed we were with its appearance.

The HP Specter x360 (2021) comes with a metal brush design available in various color combinations. The 360-degree track allows the screen to rotate fully, making the HP Specter x360 (2021) a tablet-like device and it feels solid and reliable. To the right is engraved the word ‘Specter’, a nice touch that further confirms the overall superior feel of the HP Specter x360 (2021).

In terms of connectivity, you get an audio input jack on the right and a full-size USB port (including a full-size USB port is a nice touch for such a slim and light laptop), and two USB-C ports. , a microSD port and a left port. Kill a physical webcam in the back.

The latter allows you to disable the webcam when it is not in use; It’s a great feature for those who care about their privacy. It’s definitely a great selling point, and with a full-size USB port and MicroSD slot, it shows that a slim and light laptop can incorporate multiple connections without compromising on design. It certainly puts the two USB-C ports to shame, the MacBook Air (M1, 2020) and the 13-inch MacBook Pro (M1, 2020).

Open up the HP Specter x360 (2021), which will give you an increasingly bright screen surrounded by very thin hoods. This gives the device a modern look and keeps the overall size of the laptop down. It’s another chance for Windows 10 laptops to look more attractive than Apple MacBook; both HP and Intel will be happy to learn, and another reason for Apple to consider updating its MacBook designs.

The keyboard is large and comfortable to use and the keys provide good travel. They are also delayed, so you can comfortably wear them in the dark. The touchpads are nice and responsive. With a 13-inch laptop, it’s wider than you’d expect, allowing your fingers to wiggle a bit more. There is also a fingerprint scanner on the right side of the tap to access Windows 10.

Similar to HP’s port supply, the company has found a way to fit a large keyboard and trackpad into a smaller body. It has a very attractive design, which means that the HP Specter x360 (2021) not only looks good but also feels good to use. Rotating the screen completely using the HP Specter x360 (2021) as a tablet-like device, the large touchscreen works well. This is a slim and light laptop though, and compared to tablets like the iPad, the HP Specter x360 (2021) feels really heavy and bulky. Having the option of using a laptop in this way is certainly welcome, but it’s not a great replacement for a standard tablet. The HP Specter x360 (2021) is more successful than a laptop.

Performance of HP Spectre x360 Series

The biggest improvement over the HP Specter x360 (2021) over its predecessor is its components and functionality, making the notebook a showcase for Intel’s latest mobile processor.

The review unit that was sent to us for review contains an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor. This is a quad-core unit that can hit speeds of up to 4.70GHz, marking a better leap than the Intel Core i7-1065G7 (previous generation CPU) included in last year’s model.

As you can see from our Cinebench and Geekbench results, the new HP Specter x360 (2021) outperforms last year’s model, with a single-core score of 1317 compared to 1259 for the previous model. It is not a big jump, but it is an increase However, the Intel Core i7-1065G7 is a very good mobile processor, so Intel is happy to have built on a solid foundation.

Overall, as a result of the new CPU, with 16GB of RAM, the HP Specter x360 (2021) has very little performance and Windows 10 feels fast and responsive. Multitasking, with many applications running at once and a large number of Edge tabs, didn’t really work to slow down the performance of the HP Specter x360 (2021).

For everyday use, the HP Specter x360 (2021) offers the kind of performance you’d expect from a premium laptop at this price. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

However, one of the biggest improvements that come with the new Tiger Lake CPU is the inclusion of Intel Iris X graphics, such as the Intel Core i7-1165 G7. This is an integrated GPU that promises to offer improved performance compared to previous integrated graphics and can even compete with some discrete GPUs.

The HP Specter x360 (2021) is certainly not a gaming computer, but it can play some computer games that are difficult to run on other thin and light laptops. Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t have the full graphics settings on that list, and Intel claims it can run GTA5 beyond 60fps. Games like Rocket League, League of Legends, and CS: GEO are in low demand, but require quick action – playable.

So of course we tried playing a few games on the HP Specter x360 (2021). As we mentioned, this is definitely not a gaming computer, but we wanted to see if you could play games at the end of the day when you need to relax after a hard day at work.

Answer: Classification. Full War – Three Kingdoms could only be controlled at 30fps on low settings. Could not play anything in high demand. We also elevated Ori and Will of the Whips, visually a 2D platformer that looks great but is less demanding than most other modern games. Unfortunately, we had to lower the graphics and resolution settings for smoother gameplay. So while modern games like Ori and Will of the Whispe were possible to play, it only happened with huge sacrifices for graphical credibility. So HP Specter x360 (2021), don’t give up on your daily work.

One thing to keep in mind is that fans of the HP Specter x360 (2021) will be kicked out, even when performing relatively low-power tasks like downloading an app. In a way it’s understandable, this is a super slim laptop that needs to keep its components cool. However, it turned out to be annoying and the fanless design was quite different from the silent operation of the MacBook Air (M1, 2020).

Battery Performance

The biggest improvement in quality of life is that Intel is pushing with its Intel Evo platform for longer battery life and the HP Specter x360 (2021) is not disappointing here. It lasted an excellent 11 hours and 22 minutes in our own battery life test, releasing a 1080p video file at 50% brightness until the battery dies.

Previously, the HP Specter x360 excelled in this test, taking 10 hours and 55 minutes. Still, an extra half hour is welcome, meaning no more powerful components have arrived for battery life.

We also implemented a rigorous PCMark 10 battery life test on laptops that redesigns everyday use such as web browsing and video calling. Here, the HP Specter x360 (2021) managed almost 13 hours; again, a spectacular victory and a huge leap beyond the previous model’s four-hour result (in PCMark 8).

So the battery of the HP Specter x360 (2021) is beautiful and balanced; It can be the same in light and medium use situations. This laptop makes it easy for you to have a full day’s work, making it a great tool for business users looking for a device that offers great performance and an impressive appearance without the need to plug it in until they get home. .

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