Is macOS Big Sur faster?

Is macOS Big Sur better than Catalina?

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Launched at WWDC in June 2020, Makos Big Sur is the latest version of MacOS, released on November 12th. The macOS Big Sur has a revised look and is such a big update that Apple has upgraded to version number 11. That’s right, macOS Big Sur is macOS 11.0.

After the introduction of the Mac OS X MacOS Big Sur, Apple introduced the largest MacOS design update, revising everything from the curve of the corners of the windows to the colors and designs of the doc icons. The updated look is designed to feel fresh and familiar at the same time.

For a cleaner look with extra translucent and rounded edges, the windows look lighter, the pool is more translucent, the app icons have a new uniform squirrel shape, the app menu bars have been redesigned and are less greasy and better to integrate with you. Content, system sound has been completely redesigned and there are new symbols in toolbars, sidebars, and controllers to provide clarity and consistency across applications.

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Application buttons and controls now appear when needed and disappear when not in use to focus more on content, and the customizable menu bar gives access to a customizable control center with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and controllers. AirDrop, keyboard brightness, do not interrupt, dim mode, volume level, and more.

The Notification Center has been redesigned with a more customizable app in three different sizes and more interactive notifications grouped by iOS style widgets. An updated layout for basic applications provides better organization for open windows and facilitates interaction with applications.

Safari macOS Big Sur is faster and more battery efficient than ever and features a new customizable homepage with user-selected wallpapers and read lists, as well as the iCloud tab. The Mac Store makes extensions easier to find, and Apple has added a feature that allows you to easily switch from Chrome and Firefox to Long Safari.

Apple has redesigned Tabs to speed up Safari exploration by displaying more tabs on the screen, with a favicon to quickly identify tabs and a scroll gesture that provides quick page previews. Restricting access to the system allows users to choose when and which websites can use the Safari extension.

Safari’s privacy has been enhanced with a privacy report that lets users know which tracker Safari is blocking while visiting websites. Safari has a translation option to translate web pages in seven languages ​​with one click.

For passwords saved in the iCloud Keychain, Apple notifies users that data has been infringed with password monitoring, which is a security feature with automatically generated strong passwords and other tools.

Messages are now based on the messaging app for iOS, which includes many features such as iOS 14, such as pinned dialogs, notes, online replies, and more. Message effects now work on Mac and are compatible with making memorabilia and memo stickers.

Messaging app search has been redesigned to make it easier to find matching links, photos, and apps, and a new MacOS photo picker makes it easy to find keyword photos to send to friends and family. The photo picker includes trending images and GIFs to add to posts.

Apple has redesigned the Maps app for MacOS Big Sur, adding support for home environments, maps, and guides, created by top attractions, restaurants, and trusted sources. Maps can be used for MacOS to generate bike trips and EVs that can be pushed to iPhone, and shared ETA updates can now be viewed on Mac.

The Photos app has expanded its editing capabilities with a new Machine Learning-powered Retouch tool, and Apple Music has been updated with new releases, artist interviews, and custom playlists in the new Listen Now section.

In the Home app, HomeKit security video cameras now support facial recognition and activity zones, while AirPods is better than ever at automatic device switching, and Siri can answer a wider range of questions than ever before.

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The new App Privacy Label feature, it helps users better understand the apps on the Mac Store, privacy practices, and information collected by a developer before choosing to download an app. Apple has compared this feature to a food nutrition label for apps on the Mac App Store.

MacOS BigSur features fast updates that start in the background and finish faster to make it easier to keep your Mac up to date, and includes a cryptographically signed system volume that protects against tampering.

For the past 10 days, battery history usage, family sharing support for subscription apps, fashion quick edit and improved search in notes, the option to assign reminders to people in the reminders app, improved activation for floodlights and meteorological and rain report in one minute.

MacOS BigSur was released on November 12, 2020, and is a free update for all supported Mac models. If you’re just getting started, be sure to watch the video below, then check out our list of 50 tips for a quick overview of what to expect when you install the update.

Apple has also given developers and general beta testers two betas and a candidate release version of the upcoming MacOS Big Sur 11.1 update. The update appears to focus on performance improvements and bug fixes that could not be fixed in the first edition of MacOS Big Sur.

macOS 11 Big Sur problems

With MacOS Big Sur, the fast user switch bug affects some M1 Max. When users try to share, this step enables the display server and cannot be dropped once the display server arrives. Faster User Switching is a Big Sur feature that allows users to quickly switch between accounts without leaving. There is no solution to the error at this time.

Box, a cloud storage provider, has not yet updated its BoxDrive app to work with macOS BigSur and M1 Max, and this is something you should be aware of. There are error messages that are preventing the application from loading correctly and there is no known time to correct them. Box says it works to “actively update” the BoxDrive application.

Brand New design

macOS Big Sur is the first major redesign for MacOS after Mac OS X, and Apple introduces a new but familiar new look that focuses on transparency, compatibility, and content.

The toolbar and sidebar have been redesigned to better match each window, and the sidebar is now full height. There are no separate buttons on the toolbar at the top of the app, giving it a more compact and formal look throughout the operating system.

Windows has a lighter design with smooth rounded edges, and application icons have received minor design changes and color changes. Apple has updated the icons for all native apps, giving them a uniform round spiral design and the option to disable the wallpaper tint to darken the dark mode.

Toolbars, sidebars, and controls have new symbols throughout Makos Big Sur, explaining where to click and what happens when you click. Applications that share common functions, such as viewing incoming mail in mail or calendar, now share the same code for compatibility.

The updated design of the app can be seen in the cool pool, which has rounded corners like windows. The pool is more translucent than before and integrates with the desk as it has an embossed design.

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