Moto G10 Power Review: Huge Battery, Great Design

Moto G10 full review

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Looks like Motorola Real made one! The company recently launched a series of E-series phones, and if that wasn’t enough, here we are talking about the latest Motorola phones from the budget Moto G series, the Moto G10 Power and G30.

The accessories (mostly G30s) hint at the company’s new nomenclature, but the case remains the same: good specs on an affordable budget. Of the two new devices, I had to spend some time with the G10 Power, which seems to be enough to make a good budget phone on paper. We’re talking 48-megapixel quad rear cameras, Android 11 close to stock, a huge 6,000mAh battery, and much more. But is this a phone for less than 10,000 rupees? we’ll see. Also Read: Less Than Rs 20,000 / Highest Gaming Smartphone To Buy In April 2021

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The Moto G10 Power is a practical phone that looks normal; You get a prominent waterdrop display, vertical rear camera setup, and 2021-style design features. As usual, there’s one thing that sets the device apart from the competition: the textured rear panel that you can feel. This seems somewhat intriguing. Another draw to the rankings are the color options you get: Aurora Gray and Breeze Blue. These two things add color to the lazy design in another way and can attract it at least from a distance. Once you start using the device, it feels like you’re “frugal.” It feels cheap.

While they appreciate the effort to incorporate different color and texture options, Xiaomi and Realme seem to find the smartphone a bit simpler compared to budget phones that look great. Another feature that turns out to be inactive is the quality of the phone. It is not a fluent phone and it is a bit heavy. Using one hand is a bit difficult, especially when you are asleep and you are one of those people who likes to use your phone.

The rear camera module is carefully designed and looks good. Port positioning is common, but a rare addition is the dedicated Google Assistant button (at least for most smartphone manufacturers). If you often call Google Assistant for work, this addition will stand out!

Overall, the Motorola Moto G10 Power is a normal looking phone. It does not bring the need to constantly show it or look at it. But overall, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I’d really appreciate if Motorola tried to focus on the design part.

HD+ Display

The Moto G10 runs on a 6.5-inch screen with a drop of water. This has been the case with many smartphones, not to mention the guarantee of the bezel for a better viewing experience. However, this phone does not drop the bezel completely and a significant piece can be seen.

The display has HD + screen resolution and features a dark mode, night light for low light eyes, focus to hold longer, and a max display for easy viewing and access to notifications when the screen is on. Locked.

The view was good during my use. The viewing experience is excellent with a good color product. Brightness levels indoors are nice but interfere with the visibility of sunlight once you go outside. Content often appears to have been deleted. Depending on the size of the screen, the content may be easier to view. Not to be confused with AOD, the spike screen is an important step taken by Motorola to access and manage notifications. This is definitely a positive.

Powerful Cameras

With a 48-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor, the device comes with a four-camera setup. Support for LED flash, EIS for video, night vision, HDR, live filter, portrait mode and much more. The front camera is 8 megapixels and supports beauty mode, portrait mode and many more functions.

Now that you know everything that is included in the package, here it is. There is only one name to describe the entire configuration: Normal. The rear cameras take great pictures but they are not amazing, especially indoors, this will be more felt. But the color reproduction was almost natural and suited my taste.

The ultra-wide lens is large enough to capture a wide area, but there is a color difference compared to the main camera’s output. The depth sensor output appears to be heavily processed and doesn’t really bring out the details of the subject. The macro lens between the four cameras is not impressive. He tries to focus on the object and cannot grasp anything closely. For example, when trying to capture the details of a flower, the lens failed to bring out its intricacies and instead gave a blurry image.

This is not surprising when it comes to the front camera. Selfies are very good and often lose details when taken indoors. The colors feel a bit muted too. For the first time I have to say that beauty style brought selfies to life.

The videos are good too; EIS guarantees good stability and quality fines. Among other things, the HDR mode and night vision modes worked decently and were able to capture images under certain conditions; For the second, it is mainly at night.


The Moto G10 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 SoC and 4GB of RAM. It has 64GB of storage that can be expanded up to 1TB with the help of a microSD card. This is an area I like to focus on Motorola. The company releases phones with a single RAM / storage option, which is somewhat limited. It is a pleasure for people to have at least two or three varieties to choose from.

With these specifications, the Moto G10 power can safely qualify as a standard phone. While the phone can do its job, its main feature is that it does not do it as quickly as one would like. The device works well and I was able to do my daily tasks easily. But there was hiccups. For example, while downloading apps to get started, the Google Play Store app crashed several times.

After the initial setup process, I used it as a tool to do my daily tasks. These include taking pictures, playing a few games, shopping online (mostly window!) And more. All of this is done, no doubt about it, but always feels slow. Sports are also good. The non-athletes in me tended for subway surfers, brain testing, (the Jenshin effect was also there), bubble shooter, and many more topics. The phone, for the most part, was made for good gaming. There was no hard battery point (it quickly gets to the battery compartment) and the graphics were also good.

One thing that Motorola is betting on a lot of things is the near-stock Android experience, and this is true. Approximately available Android 11 requires really smooth use and simplifies things for you. The gestures added to Android 11 require a great deal of gestures, moto function, UI customization and more.

Among other things, the fingerprint scanner mounted on the back was very fast, the calls were good (I had no problems during calls) and the audio quality was good. Except for the sound system, it echoes when it is on a speaker, which distorts the sound a bit.

Moto G10 Battery

This part is impressive and here is a silver lining! The 6,000mAh battery lasts for more than a day / day and a half with the above usage and only lasts for 2-3 days. This is great because we need long lasting batteries. But there is also some disappointment. The phone supports a 20W fast charger and can raise your expectations to a moderate level (at least) for faster charging. But don’t do it!

There is nothing fast about charging time and it takes 1 to 1.5 hours for the phone to fully charge. This is similar to what you get from rivals like Xiaomi and Realme. Another good thing is that the inclusion of a USB Type-C port is a welcome addition.


The Moto G10 Power is another Motorola baby that aims to meet the budget phone needs of American Indians. However, the phone once again goes ahead with the half-baked recipe, and I’m not sure if money is enough to give people a good value for a smartphone.

G10 power is average in many ways. Due to its general nature, it is difficult to compete with the more competitive Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power, Realme Narzo 30A and Poco M3. Battery life and user interface experience are exceptions and are the main reasons for anyone to do so.

In my opinion, the Moto G10 power is ideal for those who want more than just a basic smartphone, especially those who are always worried about finding a power outlet. The main reason why one should consider G10 power is the battery life only. That is, with the Android experience close to the stock and the big screen, make it a reasonable option for Rs 10,000.

At the same time, I really hope that Motorola will break away from their usual shell and give us competing phones – just like the phones they made many years ago!

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