Sony Airpeak Drone REVEALED: Can it beat DJI?

Sony's Airpeak drone unveiled to the public

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After announcing its intention to enter space last year, Sony received additional information this week about the upcoming Airpeak Camera Drone spacecraft at virtual CES. The AirPeek is a large quadcopter that is a reversible landing gear that looks more like a DJ Inspire than a fine-line Maverick drone, and a full-frame Sony A7 with a gimble that can carry a drone with a drone. For Hollywood movies, Netflix streaming, and more.

Sony has only shown one concept at the moment. The square is relatively tall, there must be room for a three-axis stunt and a full-frame camera to clean the floor, with landing gear to fly, so you can’t rotate the camera 360 degrees. His vision.

Image Source: Sony

The company promises that the aircraft will provide precision, stable flight, and stability for aerial images and videos. But beyond that, we certainly don’t know much. As we can see from the pictures, the build has carbon fiber material and the aircraft itself has a camera, so the pilot can always see the direction of the nose, as well as a barrier detection sensor panel.

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This is Sony’s Airpeak drone

A teaser video shows that AirPike supports dual operators – a pilot to control a drone and a cinematographer to operate a camera – this is an expected feature of high-end models. When working in a production environment, a licensed drone pilot plays a different role than the camera operator.

We are not sure if AirPike will partner with other camera brands. The DJI Matrice series can handle cameras from different brands, not just Sony. We will have more details when they become available. Sony aims to bring AirPeek to market this spring.

At the moment, little is known about the new drone system, but Sony said it is using drones to photograph landscapes and cityscapes. It showed how Sony AirPeak works as a chase camera for Vision-S concept car scenes from last CES. The model shown at CES 2021 is a quadcopter design and features two landing gear extensions that are raised and lowered during flight (so as not to spoil the view).

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