What are the types of satellite communication?

What is satellite communication and how does it work?

Communications intelligence (COMINT) related to covert tampering with foreign communications has been active in almost all developed nations since the acquisition of international telecommunications. COMINT is a large-scale industrial activity that provides consumers with information on diplomatic, economic and scientific developments.

There are various communication intelligence devices and all are designed to provide a secure communication path. As satellite communications grow by the day and gain an important place in the global communications network, products are designed with security concerns in mind.

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VSAT is one of the fastest growing technologies in the communications industry, providing secure solutions through intervention, monitoring and login systems.

This system is designed for real-time collection and analysis of VSAT satellite network traffic. Provides an analysis of the general traffic (HOICE / FAX, data and multimedia) of the TDM / TDMA and SCPC DAMA systems.

The system is also based on a modular hardware and software configuration that gives the end user the flexibility to configure multiple channels simultaneously. The system provides a GUI for all functions such as device control, monitoring and storage.

Such a system would be very useful and useful especially for government agencies working on security as it has the ability to monitor specific VSAT systems for data, voice and multimedia traffic analysis.

This system is an integrated engineering solution for multiple monitoring, analysis and processing of specific VSAT centers from a single remote site. In TDM / TDMA networks, the system provides general configuration and monitoring capabilities for outgoing and outgoing traffic. These systems provide us with a secure gateway for any form of communication, be it voice, data, fax or multimedia.

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