What’s new in Spotify ‘Car Thing’

Spotify leaks another look at the Car Thing

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Has been working on SpotFi and voice control music and podcast assistant “Car Thing” since 2019. After Spotify announced the Car Thing, nothing more has been said about it, but it looks like the company is preparing for some kind of launch.

In January, Car Thing appeared in FCC files, and now Car Thing images are located in the Spotify application code. Mac Rumors contributor Steve Moser found some pictures from Car Thing and gives us a clear view of the new device.

Spotify’s original Car Thing has a small round display with various controls on the side panel, but the newer version has a larger rectangular display with a smartphone-like design and larger control buttons and a smaller button.

Spotify iOS App Reveals Hints of ‘Car Thing’

We do not know what the small control buttons or buttons do, but Car Thing describes Spotify’s FCC filing as “a display-controlled Spotify app / compatible device and a buttoned device.” It has Bluetooth enabled and can communicate with the car’s main components and is powered by a 12V outlet.

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Photos of various fixtures are also included in the Spotify app, which means that the car can be fitted with a Thing Dash or a car vent, and sometimes these fixtures are sold with options. There are hints that addresses may be supported in some way through the Waze / Spotify partnership.

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When Car Thing announced, Spotify said it was a testing tool designed to help the company better understand how people listen to music and podcasts, and that it had no plans to offer the device to customers. However, Spotify has been working on this device continuously for the past two years and has significantly changed its design, suggesting that it could see a release.

The Spotify app also has a code for paid podcast subscriptions, as the company prepares to launch its anchor podcast creation tool. Spotify will eventually launch a paid podcast subscription feature, but there are a few foundations that need to be laid first. Spotify paid podcasts allow registered anchor creators to make paid podcast subscriptions that their listeners can subscribe to.

Another new feature of podcasts is worth mentioning: Comments. In the Spotify app, there is a code to comment on podcasts, something that is not currently available. Spotify users will be able to comment on podcast episodes and creators will be able to respond.

Since then, however, Spotify’s design has become closer to the smart display style, making it look like a small info display that you can now find in a modern vehicle. This new presentation shows the display and possible interface layout as well as the various mounting layouts for connecting the device to different parts of the device.

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