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Life before Facebook hard to recall, isn’t it? It is that much attached to human lives, and finding a person who doesn’t use Facebook has become quite a rarity. Anyway, that is not the topic of today’s article. Even though Facebook is an up-to-date social media platform, you are bound to get numerous issues along the way. One such query pops up now then is why did Facebook log me out? Most Facebook users don’t log out after each session, but sometimes Facebook tends to log you out automatically. You would obviously think, what the heck just happen? And why did it happen? Here is the answer.


Why Did Facebook Log Me Out?

This situation occurs due to numerous reasons. Let’s discuss them one by one.


If you are a heavy Facebook user and use your computer to interact with Facebook, you would find yourself logged out of Facebook once in a while. We know it is frustrating. The cookies used on your internet browser can expire sessions after a certain time. To verify this, you can visit your browser’s cookies settings, and it’s not the most difficult thing in the world to clear the cache and cookies. Clearing cookies is a simple and straightforward solution to this problem.

Number of people logged in

This happens when you try to log in to Facebook from a different IP address you have never used to access the account. If you are not the one trying to log in, it is an indication that someone is trying to creep inside your account; maybe it’s a hacker! If this happens regularly with your Facebook account, you should take preventive actions soon before it’s too late.

The first thing you have to do is change the password of your Facebook account. Opt for a new password that you have never used on this account and make it challenging to guess for the others. In addition, there is an option available on Facebook to alert you about unauthorized login attempts. Also, you can add three of your close friends as a recovery option to seek help if your account gets locked, which is another useful feature. It’s always ideal to use all these options for the safety of your Facebook account.

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The Skype app

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This is kind of a hidden issue. If you are wondering why did Facebook log me out, it may be because of the malfunctions of the Skype app. Log in to Facebook again ideally from a different browser and go to settings. Then go to apps and websites. If you notice the Skype app on the right side of the pane, just remove it and see whether the issue gets fixed or not.

Check auto-login settings

Entering the Facebook username and password every time you log in to your account is one of the safest methods in terms of privacy. However, it is a hassling work, and there is no reason why you should not use Facebook’s auto-login feature to access the account without entering the password given you are the only user of the device.

When you don’t use this feature, Facebook will automatically log you out of the account at the end of the session. To log in, you will have to enter the username and password again. Once you log in to your account, Facebook will provide you with the option of “remember me”; select this option if you feel it is safe.

Check for the malware

May be computer is infected with a virus or malware. Such issues can cause websites and applications not to work as they should. Scan for the virus; if found, remove them and try to access the Facebook account again.

Malfunction of the Facebook app itself

Facebook is one of the most sophisticated social media platforms, but it has certain issues. Also, considering its massive user base (more than 2.4 billion users), it may cause glitches once in a while.

If you have tried all the above methods and still the issue exists, maybe it is because Facebook is under maintenance. This doesn’t usually happen regularly. Try log in to the account after a few minutes; if the wrongdoing is on Facebook’s side, you will be able to access the account now.

I still can’t figure out why did Facebook log me out; is there anything I can do?

Generally speaking, the issue should be over by now. If it is not, maybe it is time to contact Facebook and inquire about your issue. You can click here (https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/268228883256323) to connect with Facebook via its Help Centre and provide them with the condition of your problem. It will take some time to get a reply from Facebook and follow the given instructions to overcome the situation.

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