Why was iPod discontinued?

Is the iPod dead?

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What is an iPod? Who are you, my mother? Well that’s problem enough. You probably know what happens to this transistor radio, however it is a small piece of equipment that her grandson needs for his birthday and it costs a lot of money. What happen? all.

Do you want to know what an iPod is? It is a product created by Apple. It seems unlimited depending on the version that has capabilities for its functionality. Suppose you are going to opt for a new fifth generation granddaughter, because if she likes a lot of children these days, she will probably be rude, disrespectful and appreciative… if she doesn’t get exactly what she wants; It is a fifth generation iPod.

When you open it and start it up, you will see the storage capacity of about 15,000 songs. You can load your iPod with 25,000 clear color photos. Your new best friend has the capacity to store up to 150 hours of video or movie. This fact allows him to roam the streets of his quiet town for 20 hours before running out of batteries.

So put aside everything you should be tempted to buy a kid long ago, great quality, great capacity, podcast capabilities, etc .; You have all the reasons in the world to put your problems aside. Newer iPods are smaller, lighter, and have more options than the average size. The new fifth-generation iPod long ago, you never asked what an iPod is, but what is an iPod?

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The rise and fall of the iPod

According to Bloomberg, the iPod Nano and Shuffle, Apple has discontinued two-thirds of the remaining products under the iPod name. Apple will continue to sell the iPod Touch and will actually lower the price of the device today, but the reality is that this device is far from the intent of the original iPod.

Sixteen years ago, then-CEO Steve Jobs came to work after being deported from the company he co-founded in the 1990s and took the stage at a press conference a few years ago to introduce the iPod. It’s a fluid MP3 player, artistically designed, and as Jobs publicly put it, “1,000 songs are in your pocket.” As anyone born before the mid-2000s knows, the iPod had a huge financial and cultural impact. It pushed Apple to the top of the list of the world’s cheapest companies, setting the stage for the iPhone, arguably the most successful electronic device of all time, when Jobs first called it the “iPod, Phone, and Internet Communicator.” in 2007.

Photo by Gio Mikava on Unsplash

With iTunes, the iPod changed the way the world listens to music. Jobs atomized the album with the iPod, allowing more people to choose the songs they wanted to listen to wherever they were. As time went by, smartphones became more popular, and as storage prices fell, there were fewer reasons to carry two devices with you wherever you went. In 2014, Apple discontinued the sale of the iPod Classic, similar to its original iPod. The iPod Shuffle and Nano have been effectively replaced by the Apple Watch, which can store up to 2 gigabytes of music. .

All that remains of the iPod Touch is, over the years, a very small tablet. It does all the work on the iPhone, except for being able to make a phone call. It is no longer a simple, unitary musical instrument. Perhaps Apple should consider renaming the iPad touch.


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