Will there be a Google pixel 6?

Google Pixel 6 - THIS IS BIG

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According to a report, the Pixel 6 could run on Google’s Whitechapel Sosi ‘GS101’. This will be the first mobile phone to run on the new SoC. Google is rumored to be developing its own processor, codenamed Whitechapel, with help from Samsung, and now a new report suggests that the next-gen Pixel 6 will be the first device to get the internal chip in Google’s portfolio. In addition to the Pixel range of smartphones, Google also hopes to include its own SoCs in its Chromebook range.

9to5 Indicates that Google has entered an internal document, which will be Google’s first mobile phone powered by the company’s custom 6-pixel “GS101” Whitechapel SoC.

 Despite previous rumors that Whitechapel is the name of the working chip that is expected to power the Pixel 6, Google may call it a completely different business name.

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9to5 According to internal Google documentation cited in Google’s report, the company refers to the chip as ‘GS101’, where GS is believed to be short for ‘Google Silicon’. Google is said to be jointly developing its own Exynos processor with Samsung, the Whitechapel SoC. The report says there may be some similarities to Exynos, including the new ‘Google Silicon’ software components.

According to the report, Google CEO Sunder Pichai has ridiculed in-depth investments in hardware and promised in an earnings call in October 2020 that he will provide a ‘dangerous roadmap’ for 2021, with announcements on new hardware slated for this year. He advertises tips on. According to past leaks, the top left of the 5 pixels 5 may have a perforated screen with a hole in the top center of a 6 pixel screen. The selfie camera is also reported to support 4K video recording.

Google with its custom Whitechapel SoC, Apple appears to be using custom-designed chips in both the iPhone and the MacBook line. Most of the Android phones on the market are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek processors. Samsung integrates its custom Exynos processor into some of its flagship and mid-range phones, but it often connects its flagship phones with Snapdragon processors in some major markets, especially the United States.

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